Post-Rock / Post-Metal - DE
APOA is a german band that is creating a very powerful and spherical instrumental post rock / post metal mélange. Since 2009 the Dresden-based trio already did tons of gigs in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands i.e. as support for EF, Callisto and Kokomo. Marcus, Christoph and Silvio recently released their 2nd record named "Enūma Eliš" with songs that are shifting the borders of the post rock genre. Here are some reactions from the net: "This band obviously deserves bigger stages. I really hope Enuma Eliš has the power to extend Apoa's exposure and send them on a tour. I have a feeling that this Dresden-based trio will be playing in front of a frenzied crowd almost everywhere they perform. But beware, the headliners on those evenings will probably be pissed off because they'll have to play in front of an exhausted crowd..." (Serge Timmers, MerchantsOfAir.com) "The enuma elis is an ancient poem, perhaps the oldest piece of literature, that has inspired and influenced many philosophies and religions. This slab of heavy psychedelia does the name justice and brings forth ancient fire and crushing power. Tiamat would bang her head to be sure. Favorite track: Amos." (Post by canucklehead @ apoa.bandcamp.com) "You want both power AND beauty you say? How much? 1000,000 Megawatts? Fields of wild flowers swaying under moonlight? OK. Easy. APOA is an instrumental post-rock/metal band from Dresden, Germany. New album 'Enūma eliš' is out today" (Stephen Gee via Post-rock @ Facebook.com)