Ayahuasca | Empathea


Rock / Ghost Grunge - NL
"This is one boy/girl duo who aren't dealing in cute and cuddly lo-fi. Fast, furious, and possessing more attitude in their smudged eyeliner than should be legal." - The moment the duo steps on the podium they become BlackboxRed. A heavily crushing grunge steamroller. A hounded human machine. Eva stares. An atom-splitting gaze. She tortures her guitar and menaces vocally. Meanwhile Stefan becomes a hammering octopus hitting his drums mercilessly. A stroboscope – the devil’s light – dazzles the spectators. No escape route. Inspired by the likes of The Dead Weather, Crystal Castles and The Joy Formidable you get the idea of what these two are getting at. After releasing their debut album ‘The Gunner and the Ghost’ (2013), several singles and the EP ‘Beak to Beak’ (2015) , the band has currently finished recording their second full-lenght which is set to release in Spring 2018. Played alongside: Savages, Claw Boys Claw, Blood Red Shoes, Sisters of Mercy and Rolo Tomassi "The Gunner and The Ghost is an inspired debut, full of angst, energy and thought" – Dan Hegarty RTE 2 FM